L-arginine supplementation has been studied and proven for its many effects on the human body in general.

L-arginine supplementation has become known more recently for its help in the sexual intimacy department but that is actually a happy side effect of its many health benefits.  By increasing overall health, it follows that the endocrine system will also be affected in a positive way.

Our Arginine Gel (topical arousal gel for men and women) is supported by years of research indicating the positive effects of l-arginine supplementation on the body: improvement to circulation (blood flow throughout the body), supporting an enhanced immune system (increased white blood cell production), aiding in the release of growth hormones among many other benefits. Decreased memory loss and increased heart function are just two such circulatory benefits when oxygen is being better carried through the body.  Blood flow to any area of the body is healthy.  Blood flow to the genitals make for better stimulation effects; enhanced arousal due to enhanced sensitivity in sexual activity.

The end result for many who have discovered the power of l-arginine, the base ingredient in Arginine Gel, is a better sex life for both partners.

Arginine Gel is not an instant fix or a magic bullet.  Regular use of l-arginine supports sexual function in those who suffer from a lack of NO – nitric oxide.  Check with your doctor if you might be lacking in NO and how it affects you personally.

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