L-arginine benefits abound. In our present generation, there are several reasons people opt for supplements.  Some of these are :

  • the ‘busyness’ of people to make ends meet making them have little or no time for themselves
  • the growing awareness of the existence and potency of these supplements
  • the desire to optimize health status amidst global health challenges.

There are several nutritional supplements out there but L-arginine, as found in Arginine Gel comes with a difference.
Also known as arginine, it is an indispensable amino acid that can be generated in any human body in the absence of diet. Though natural in the human body, there are times it may not perform up to its normal level due to sickness and aging factors. This is why supplementation may be so important. The following are some of the benefits of this amino acid:

Hair Benefits of L-arginine

To start with, we are going to look at the importance of L-arginine from the head downwards. How does it work for the hair?
Prevention of hair loss to name one. In a general sense, amino acids (those produced in our system) are known to make our blood vessels relax and also improve blood flow to the root and scalp of our hair follicles. In a similar vein, all hair care related products having this supplement in them work to reduce the causes of poor hair follicles development and things that make the hair shaft weak. L arginine works to promote the growth of hair.

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Prevention of hair damage.

There are chemicals that most of us daily apply on our hair that naturally could pose greater threat to then we understand. But, with L-arginine, irrespective of the color applied to your hair, there is a naturally occurring protection from the harshness of heat as well as the negative effects of the applied chemicals. Take a look at the better hair care lines and you’ll soon discover that the experts, knowing this, will add this amino acid to all hair-coloring products.

Skin Benefits

Anti–aging function of L-arginine is amazing. As we age, skin, which is known as the largest organ in the human body, loses its suppleness as well as elasticity. As an HGH enhancer, L-arginine stimulates your body to send forth anti-aging Human Growth Hormone (HGH) known to reduce the aging process.

Skin maintenance

If you desire to sustain the vitality and the beauty of your skin, then consider to including this amino acid in your daily diets or through supplementation.  Arginine Gel is the easiest way to supplement since it goes into the skin without having to pass the digestive tract.  This makes for better absorption and it is much easier than popping pills. It has a compound that may fixed damage caused to the skin; restoring it to its youthful look.

Hastens the healing process of wounds

Have you been having challenges with and unsightly lack of wound healing? It might be due to the lack of this amino acid in your system. There is a compound (L-proline) known for the production of collagen which L-arginine helps to develop; this works to enhance fast recovery/healing of wounds. It may also reduce swellings and pains in any affected area.

Health Benefits of L-arginine

  • Maintains a healthy heart
  • Takes care of your blood pressure
  • Effective in weight loss
  • Helps in the control of any bladder inflammation
  • Increase the libido in both men and women
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