L-arginine and visceral fat can be synonymous when you are talking about the removal of difficult fat. But it’s hard to hear about easy methods of fat removal without wondering if it’s just over-hyped. Am I right?

Like it or not, fats stored in organs of the body pose greater health challenges like cancer, heart disease, depression, dementia among others and because of this it should be addressed. Visceral fat is the most dangerous type of fat. It is an excess accumulation of intra abdominal (adipose) tissue. It is even more dangerously stored than the normal belly fat. As harmful as it can be, visceral fat wraps itself around vital organs of the body like the kidneys, liver and pancreas.

How Do You Know Your Body is Storing Visceral Fat?

One of the signs is having large waist; your belly will be protruding. While it is easily seen in obese people, you could have it and not even know it. Apart from the way you feel in your jeans, what really counts is how it affects the general operation of your body. This fat, like other categories of fat, functions by pumping out inflammatory substances and hormones. There is the danger of inflammation of organs when visceral fat is stored in the body. It interference with good hormones; ones known for regulating weight, brain, appetite and mood functions.

Getting rid of fat isn’t always as easy as dieting and sometimes even requires a doctor consultation. Weight loss pills may not help at all with obesity if the right issues are not corrected. Some products have done more harm than good, others work at a slower pace. L-arginine has been effective in the removal of stubborn fats.

L-arginine and visceral fat are connected in several ways. It is needed for getting rid of body ammonia, stimulation of insulin release, protein production and growth of hormones. L-arginine is one of the common twenty two (chemical) body building blocks (amino acids) associated and often seen in our diets,

L-arginine is importantly associated with the increase of NO (nitric oxide) needed for easy blood flow/circulation and the relaxation of blood vessel. As a result of this major function, it works to reduce all forms of foot/leg pain stemming from poor blood flow/circulation coming from arteries; that are blocked.

L-arginine also has Other Indispensable Functions in the Body, but How does it work on Visceral Fat?

L-arginine works for visceral fats by reducing waist circumference. Remember a large torso is a good sign of the presence of visceral fat. In a particular study conducted, people a number of people used l-arginine and visceral fat was recorded as significantly decreases and they saw a reduction in their baseline measurement.

So, if you are suffering from obesity of any kind, l-arginine may be an effective antidote to it. It can be found in all protein diets; you can try increasing rich protein products in your diet. Secondly, it has been produced medically as supplement to be taken in form of liquid, tablets, powders etc. Arginine Cream New Formula is the most effective form for a supplement. Using a transdermal product does not tax the liver by having to be broken down, nor is it lost in the digestion process and flushed away.

As always, you might want to consult your natural doctor and check to see if it may be used with other drugs. The FDA has not approved nor denied claims made here and we do not claim to cure, treat or heal any disease or symptom.


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