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L-arginine Contraindications

Have you been hearing and reading about l-arginine in health news lately? The name may sound fictional and abstract but it is necessary for every part of your body. You might have added l-arginine without knowing in the foods you ate today. Your milk, nuts (ground...

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L-arginine and Visceral Fat

L-arginine and visceral fat can be synonymous when you are talking about the removal of difficult fat. But it’s hard to hear about easy methods of fat removal without wondering if it’s just over-hyped. Am I right? Like it or not, fats stored in organs of the body pose...

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L-arginine and Hair Regrowth

Have you heard of protein building blocks; being the important connection between l-arginine and hair regrowth? L-arginine, which is an indispensable amino acid in the body, is one of them. The good thing about this amino acid is that the body generates it naturally....

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L-arginine Benefits

L-arginine benefits abound. In our present generation, there are several reasons people opt for supplements.  Some of these are : the ‘busyness’ of people to make ends meet making them have little or no time for themselves the growing awareness of the existence and...

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